Thursday, January 12, 2012

portait complete...ahhh

So, in October 2010 I was apart of an auction fundraiser.  Long story short, a wonderful family bid and won that custom painting=portrait.  

Winter came and they didn't have a great photo reference.  So we decided to wait until Spring and I would take some new photos.   Spring came, and in May I ruptured a disk in my back.  That set me back.... big time.  The photos didn't even happen until late summer after I recovered.  Then I started the portrait.  A couple paintings later, and with help from my mentor, Deb Meyer, who generously taught me some tricks... it finally came together and I love it.  And more importantly the family does as well.

In the end it forced me to work in oil and colored pencil....   I have always prefered acrylic paints.   Well, this project has given me a new love of oil paint and use of colored pencil.  The blendablility, the creamy quality is to die for.    What was feeling incredibly frustrating and pressured painting, became a wonderful experience in the end.  I am grateful I pushed through those growing pains.

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