Sunday, January 15, 2012

life was her canvas

"She was an artist and her life was her canvas".....

this unknown quote is what is in my head as I decide to end this short experiment of an art blog.

Initially, I thought setting up a seperate  art blog for my art life and art work was a great idea.
To seperate these subjects from my family blog.....Fiddlehead Report- "A day in the life of the Rikkers"
I didn't expect it to feel burdensome to do, but it is now feeling that way.  For me it just feels more natural to have everything together.....

how does one seperate life from art and art from life?   Now I see that for me that feels impossible.

If nothing else, this little experiment has me realizing that "my life is my art", it is my greatest creation...full of my little loves, marriage, love, friendship, chaos, legos on the floor, a silly french bulldog, travel, vintage finds, paintings, photography, home decor,  gardening.   This is where I want to share the good and the bad, as I stumble through motherhood, marriage and being a woman.  This is where I will share what I hold dear, what gets me all excited and what I am feeling most passionate about.  I want to hold it all in one place.   That is what feels right.   phew!

So, if you are following me here please do join me over at
Fiddlehead Report- A day in the Life of the Rikkers
that's where I'll be!

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