Monday, December 12, 2011

"Out There" with Etsy....

So, I have decided to share my work on put it "out there".
I figured it was time to go back to it since I have all these paintings just sitting in my studio.

There is something about putting your work on-line that feels a bit uncomfortable, and yet I know it is a wonderful way to get it "out there".  I always end up feeling so vulnerable in it.   However, this is true whenever I share work I love.

Then there is the struggle of pricing it, valuing my work, being fair in the market.   I am unsure of how I am doing in that respect.   It is my least favorite part about putting my art "out there".    I have decided to value my work and list the price I feel it is worth and am willing to let go of it for.

And then there is actually parting with my pieces.  I am so emotionally attached to them.    I am hestitant to tell you that it feels like a little bit of abetrayal to put them on Etsy.  I know that sounds crazy.....but that is how it feels.   crazy.

So, why am I doing this when I feel conflicted about it?    It comes down to supporting my habit.  My love of creating.  I can't always tap into our family income to support it.   It is also important to me to find the right people who will connect to the works.  Maybe an interview process to see if they will provide a suitable home for it!   ha!  That is a joke.....

Anyway, I am putting my work "out there".  Who knows what will happen, but I figure if it is just sitting in my studio, it will just sit in my studio and not connect to anyone.
Going out on Etsy


  1. Your art is so beautiful that I'm sure you will be able to sell it once everyone finds it. And being on Etsy is a good place to start.

  2. It doesn't sound crazy at all. When you create pieces that have meaning and depth and a story, it is extremely difficult to "let them go"...I can see how hard that would be b/c I have given away some of my decoupauging pieces HAHAHAHA that i have loved, but they aren't nothing compared to your letting go here, LOL.. Anyway, I would imagine what a challenge it would be...but I think you are making a good decision b/c now the world can be blessed with your work, and they can take on a whole new meaning to the new {lucky} owners!

  3. It is hard to market oneself and am at the same place at this moment in time - am working with BELEIVE ... believe in oneself and ones gifting ... very hard when one looks at all the wonderful talent around .... but that is what makes up this wonderful world of creative talent and we have to PUSH through .... perhaps we can BELIEVE and PUSH together?