Sunday, November 6, 2011

sharing the art journey

For a long time I have thought about having a blog dedicated soully to my art.  I have been blogging on my family blog for a few years (the fiddlehead report).  That blog has become an accumulation of all things "me".  Moments of family life, my art life, our Ethiopian adoption journey.  It really has been great precisely because I have made so many connections, mostly with other mothers which makes sense as I am a full time mother of 4 children.  While I am equally passionate about being a mother, I decided it was time to honor my artistic self and my artistic journey.
This is the beginning of sharing that journey.....

seeking beauty, finding inspiration, feeling gratitude. don't have to be an "artist" to seek beauty, find inspiration, or feel gratitude in this life.
we all have the seeker is art.

here we go.....join me!

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  1. I love your art blog and your personal and family stories are beautiful too! xo